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Making an Open Relationship or experience a safer and more enjoyable enjoyable.  Like minded people live amongst us in everyday life.  This site helps identify them. Also recommending several trusted dating sites and clubs who endorse our fun but discrete values. 

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It appears that Open Relationships have  received prime time airtime on the BBC TV with Eastenders featuring the subject between two main characters.  From the episodes we viewed it is clear that their dalliance is perhaps suffering through poor initial communication.  Playing with others may they be couples, individuals and for a one off or a new found friendship needs you both to agree on what you want to gain before commencing.  And never being afraid to say ‘stop’ for the sake of your relationship.  

We feat that the Eastender story will not be as rosy as that of the many millions who do enjoy an open relationship lifestyle experience.  But that’s TV I guess.


Like the 350+ million people worldwide you may have fantasied that introducing others into your sex life could be fun. It can be but a few ground rules and tips may help strengthen your relationship and make the first steps so much easier.

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Most try with ‘soft’ experiences first. Clubs and dating sites make first contact as pleasurable and pressure free as possible. You may be surprised how respectful others in open relationships, swingers clubs and dating sites will be towards you.

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Any successful relationship is about sharing.  Having an Open Relationship means sharing everything you enjoy and don not.  Learn about how clubs and dating sites like SDC offer discretion and security alongside guidance tips to help enhance your relationship and love life.