Over 300 Million Worldwide
Practicing Open Relationships

Living secretly amongst us.

Secret Sign

A simple, yet distinctive sign within a small affordable jewellery range exists that identifies  couples and individuals living with open relationships to each other. Kissumo is hidden from public view and only promoted through clubs and dating sites.  Wearing Kissumo in everyday life ensures discretion whilst opening up a whole new world of possibilities to you and others also using Kissumo.

We did say it is secret.  It is, hence the blurred images and why the site is hidden from public view and promoted mainly through secure clubs.  We think it’s an exciting addition alongside club and dating site membership.  It’s a simple but great conversation starter, ‘Is that Kissumo’ whether in a bar, work, transport or even kicking off a chat in a club.  

You may need to enroll or try a Free trial membership to discover this secret sign as it is hidden from the public.  We recommend trying SDC.com, they have 2.5 million members worldwide and  offer a variety of online services to ease you in and make the experience of learning fun.  Kissumo are also listed as a Group on SDC and accessed by members.

Try the Free SDC Trial membership here

Easy to spot

If you know what you are looking for that is.  Kissumo is distinctive, yet not obvious unlike other swingers jewelry, black rings and pampas grasses.  Some of these are commonly known as swinger signs by our friends and family.  Not Kissumo, we work hard to keep it your secret.

The concept of Kissumo appears to be simple.  A discrete sign to bring lifestyle groups and those in open relationships together in everyday life.  After all, most of our life is spent away from a club.

Using Kissumo is recommended alongside clubs and dating sites.  They offer the security of secrecy and convenience of communication without giving too much away initially.

With the benefits of

  • A quick, simple and low cost way of hooking up
  • Using Kissumo whenever the mood and opportunity allows
  • Introductions into new networks of friends
  • A simple way to start a conversation ‘Is that Kissumo’?
  • Seeing and being seen by some of 350 million ‘players’ worldwide
  • Works in conjunction with lifestyle and open relationships clubs.
  • Great for couple swaps and wife swaps or as individuals.

This Month's Recommendation

SDC is a World leading dating club with some 3.5 million members. Their online presence allows members to view, chat, meet and use the site to arrange meet ups with friends and groups at clubs. The helpful information is matched by their extra curricular activities in organised theme nights, cruises and holidays.
We particularly like the trial membership option. Swinging is not for everyone and this affords the ability to learn about swinging and maybe go along to a club and have some fun between yourselves before joining in with others.