Looking to meet a couple, group or individual for fun?

Open Relationship recommends the following clubs and dating sites in quest to add more fun and excitement to your relationship.  They reflect the values of discretion that we seek alongside club or dating site environments with a relaxed, no pressure approach. 

We wish you many endless nights of fun and hours spent with new good friends and love to hear how you get on, please message us with any comments or stories of your journey through of sexual discovery.

When we first decided to explore our sexuality within our relationship and where other people would fit within and compliment it, we searched many sites.  We soon discovered SDC  With a Free Trial option, it was a great source of information, not only on the whole community but also about other couples likes and passions.  It soon became clear how alike we were.

We took out a trial membership option and after talking to, then meeting other couples we met several and opted for a full paid lifetime membership.  The site works well for meeting new people, communicating and even getting aroused of an evening reading stories, viewing the photos and videos members are able to view.

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