Who We Are?


We are Steve and Amy.  We were late starters in the Open Relationship scene but listened, learnt and quickly caught up. 

The thrill of meeting an individual or a new couple for the first time is something special.  Hairs I never knew I had stand on end on the back of my neck.  The sensation of a kiss, some attractive stranger caressing my body and the intimacy of sexual acts.  These moments are relived between us after the event creating prolonged and numerous sensuous playbacks.


strengthening our bond

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Our first visit to a lifestyle club was a nerve filled visit partly fueled by a stop at a bar en route.  Note – watch out for the drink, it can settle more than nerves!.

We darted for a quiet dark corner edging past a glamorous group of people giving us a friendly and inquisitive gaze.  Staking our place we soon settled into the role of doing exactly the same and watched…and learnt.  Biggest tip is linger at the bar, everyone heads for the bar at some point…

We did hook up with a wonderful couple, who carefully plucked our open relationship virginity away.  We do not play every week but have been pleasantly surprised by one aspect we had failed to appreciate.  We have made many friends through our lifestyle adventures and have often met up for other fun which does not include condoms.

We both accept that opening our relationship with others has strengthened our own relationship too.  And the sex is great both on the day and when catch each others eyes, smile and head off somewhere quiet to relive it.